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136,608 sold
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Wanna get your wiki tokens? Just follow these simple steps:

Creating an Ethereum wallet

Because wiki tokens are ERC-20 compatible utility tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet to receive and store them in. We recommend you get your wallet address on
MetaMask is more than just an ETH wallet; it is an Ethereum browser. It enables all the features of ETH wallets, plus interaction with Smart Contracts and Dapps. There's no need to download any software – just get the browser extension.
Check out a detailed guide on how to create a wallet here: It takes 5 minutes tops!

Purchasing ETH

You can buy ETH on many exchanges. Two exchanges that will take EUR and USD for ETH are or It's easy: just sign up, buy coins, and transfer them to your ETH wallet.

Getting wiki tokens

To get your wiki tokens, send the appropriate amount of ETH to our smart contract address: 0x66bad545596fb17a0b4ebdc003a85def10e8f6ae(e.g. Add Token in Metamask)
To see the wiki tokens in your wallet, add the ERC20 Contract/Token Contract Address: 0x05aaa4d5663bcbef074927fe981f4a4b75b85b39 (i.e. Add Token in MetaMask).
That's it!