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Crypto University - crypto oriented online education*

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The digitalized world of tomorrow requires leading edge education

Crypto technologies are becoming more important every day, but those who wish to study the topic face a couple of serious challenges:

Universities all around have become politically biased and are failing to keep up with disruptive technologies like blockchain.
Getting accurate information from popular open sources seems almost impossible in the wake of censorship, political pressure, and deceitful media.

The solution proposed?

Crypto University

To tackle these problems, we – an independent, anonymous community – are creating a Crypto University with the sole purpose of disseminating the latest, most accurate knowledge about the crypto world, free of all censorship and political oversight.

The Crypto University consists of 3 layers:

A student campus – educational classes
and communication
A WIKI library ( ) – articles and discussions, the university's knowledge base
A faculty – the best educators designing
classes for you
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Are the classes free?
Classes can be free or available for tokens. If you want to enroll in a token course, you must use wiki tokens, which (after deducting a small percent) go to the classes authors.

What about the market?

It’s a $1B market opportunity for online crypto education!

Online education:
$ 423B*
IT courses:
$ 60B
Blockchain|crypto courses:
$ 1B

*Online Education Market 2017- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2023 [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

What is a wiki token?

The wiki token is an ERC-20 compatible utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain, so it is easy to HODL.

1 wiki token
1 hour
of crypto course of your choice

Get tokens → Receive crypto education → Create your own course and share your knowledge → Get tokens

The wiki tokens circulate through all three educational layers of the University, connecting students, faculty, and knowledge.

How can I get the tokens?

They can be received for writing articles on crypto topics, creating classes, and all for other activities related to sharing knowledge with the community.

Study hard and get our special scholarship!

Token distribution

21 000 000

wiki tokens will be released

35% of the tokens will be on offering to cover the cost of the wiki foundation, project launching, marketing and engaging the first professors
10% of the tokens will be reserved by a smart contract. They will only become available for the team 5 years after the project launches
35% of the tokens will be distributed among the authors of the first successful classes
20% of the tokens will be available for students who contribute to the WIKI library

Token offering and proceeds

Token offering will have 2 stages: pre-offering for 125.000 tokens and general offering on later stage.

Tokens for offering
1 Token
= 0.004 ETH
29,400 ETH

Proceeds distribution


wiki token release and offering
Launching marketing campaign
Listing of the wiki token on the top exchange platforms
Redesign of to implement new token functionality
Engaging top crypto educators
Becoming a cultural and knowledge cluster for all crypto community
First graduates
Going through the first year of studies
Creating new educational courses regularly
Starting classes

BitcoinWiki project was created by an anonymous decentralized team of crypto enthusiasts.
Our mission is to bring unbiased and trusted knowledge to crypto communities all over the world.

Established in 2014
The project has already been online for almost 5 years
250,000+ users
More than 250,000 users per month from over 124 countries
Translated to 11 most popular languages and 8 more are on the way
3,800+ articles
More than 3,800 unique articles on all topics concerning the crypto technology


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Participate NOW!

Crypto University is a stable educational ecosystem heading towards expansion and evolution. More than just a project, it is a self-developing structure. You have a unique chance to lay the cornerstone of its foundation right now.

So, finally…

We are waiting for YOU to learn, contribute, and become a Crypto University professor.